What Can One Person Do?

What Can One Person Do?

Children's Safe Harbor has served over 25,000 children. We need you help to serve them all.

Since the pandemic and the ongoing economic needs placed on families in recent years, there has been a severe increase in violence and complexity of crime. Children are in ever greater need of trauma informed care due to domestic violence, sexual assault and physical abuse.

Children's Safe Harbor is the only organization across Montgomery, Walker and San Jacinto counties that works in direct partnership with investigative agencies such as law enforcement and child protective services to ensure that child victims of assault and abuse receive a coordinated and trauma informed response.

In 2023 Children's Safe Harbor reviewed over 8,000 reports of child assault and abuse. Each report representing one phone call that was made. It only takes one person to pick up a phone and change a child's life. Children's Safe Harbor needs your help to continue to provide our unique services to children in need.

What can one person do? Everything.